Area Code 734

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Area code: 734
State: Michigan
Country: USA
5, Dec. 2018

Some company is won't stop calling me, at all times of the morning. I did my best to explain the circumstances, but the guy I talked to was unhelpful. I wonder they'll desist telephoning.

3, Dec. 2018

Hello this is Abdul. I live in your neighborhood. Can I ask you what yours dogs name is?

2, Dec. 2018

I didn't answer this but my Hiya account says it's Msi Survey, Livonia, MI. Landline. So I blocked it.

He likes to call, set up a meeting & then calls the cops after he receives your exact location. Not to be trusted!

30, Nov. 2018

I pressed 9 and asked them to stop calling and they hung up the telephone.

30, Nov. 2018

I used reverse look up and it came back as spam it said VolP and other people had trouble with this number

30, Nov. 2018

I have my systems protected with firewall and anti virus software, which is update.

30, Nov. 2018

I am on my way to my neighbor's home as the representative mentioned that he will give a call in another 4 hours and now I am going out. I want another person to give ear to these phone calls which I have been receiving four times a week and try to understand what the person mentions as I simply can’t hear properly with my hearing aid. I would like to be sure what this stupid call is about before handing over the matter to the Lawyer. I do not want any mud slung at my family. It is pathetic to note that although I told the agent over and over again that I am having a pain the fellow has no concern and continues to phone.

29, Nov. 2018

My new cell number is a pain. # and other numbers continue to call for someone I have never heard of. How do I stop the for wrong numbers ?

29, Nov. 2018

The company called our telephone several months ago. They phoned over and over. The person regulary said they were calling for a girl I hadn't heard of. When I said that I really didn't know this person, the company hung up on me. Is it possible to convince this company to stop telephoning ?

29, Nov. 2018

Jesus. Yet another call from Comcast. This company is testing my patience. The boy asks for her by name. She has started talking to herself. Who would you think would clear this matter? We will definitely win the case as she is underage. It is child molestation at its best!

28, Nov. 2018

It's a child molesting pervert jacking themselves off.

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