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20, Jun. 2019

This party keeps calling and hanging up.

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10, Mar. 2019

Facetimed me then hung up very quickly

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28, Jan. 2019

I got a call saying that they found me on monster and wanted to give me more information about a phlebotomy 2 position in my location. I never put a resume on monster with my new, updated address. Not happening.

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24, Sep. 2018

They want to sell insurance, but I cannot understand what they are saying.

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23, Mar. 2018

These calls are beyond annoying and somewhat harassing.

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11, Jul. 2017

some company never open

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5, Apr. 2013

New wave of these maggots the last couple of weeks have crawled out from under their rocks. I hope they can be stopped.

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19, Dec. 2012

They call almost daily. On occasion I have spoken to a real person and asked that the calls stop. Usually they just hang up or keep talking over you trying to get my information. They clearly have no intention of stopping and no regard for the "no call" list. Please make them stop!