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21, Aug. 2018

although I imagine some might!

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31, Jul. 2018

They phoned me while I was at school. When I answered the phone the lady asked, what is your address? I was confused. She read off a social security number. I was surprised that she would give out people's private information She didn't know the person she was talking to. I just demanded to understand who she was phoning me but she tried to force me to reply to her questions and only then would she tell me who dhe is. I couldn't talk her into confessing who she was with. I finally told her that she had misdialed. Totally awul caller.

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20, Jul. 2018

This company calls 3-5 times a day, everyday.

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15, Dec. 2017

They leave a message sometimes saying they want to talk to me about my account and I don`t have one with them.

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14, Aug. 2013

why did you call and not leave any message?

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11, Jul. 2013

these people keep calling and i can't even hang up on them as they are still there or call back in one minute. Get rid of them

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2, Feb. 2013

There was no one on the other end of the line for me to tell them not to call here any longer.