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4, Dec. 2018

My auto-blocker for fraud blocked them.. but they called 5 times in a row!

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28, Nov. 2018

Recording stating to press one to take advantage of credit card stimulus (thanks Obama).

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20, Nov. 2018

The nimrods call everyday. When I answer the phone, it's a recording. I know this because the woman's voice hzs exactly the same pauses every single time.

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20, Nov. 2018

This agency rep rang the office searching for somebody who no longer works here. The collector was impolite. If the rep phones again, I am gonna pass the caller to our office's legal department. The thing they are doing is plain illegal.

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20, Nov. 2018

I am not that keen to go to that horror house as that is the place which confounds me. It is very true and no one is going to believe me not even my girl friend. I cannot have a decent conversation with her as she is getting suspicious by the day about the non-stop telephone calls coming from this stupid woman. Oh these virgins they are all harassing me.

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28, Jun. 2018

there was no opportunity to leave a message

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7, Feb. 2017

This number calls nearly everyday along with these other 2 numbers: 2162788121 5638457640 It is very annoying.

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31, May. 2015

Have asked them to stop calling me, but they keep on.

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5, Feb. 2015

I have received 3 calls from 9892699645 to date.

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4, Jun. 2013

this company uses several phone numbers! They call at least once a week. it is very annoying on my cell phone.

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15, May. 2012

The recorded message stated it found my info off a job search engine and my skills meet their criteria for a sales position. The name of the company was stated as being Partner One. An advertising sales company and is based out of Boise, Idaho. So why is this # from New Jersey? Seems like a legit Co. so far.