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11, Oct. 2018

When I try to talk to a live person and tell them I do not want them to call me any more, they hang up on me.

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28, Nov. 2016

Recorded message: You've won a cruise.

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30, Apr. 2015

This number called me today. My phone alerted me to "suspected spam". I picked up, then hung up on them. I looked up the number on the internet. After seeing these comments, I added the number to my "auto reject" list on my phone. They might call again, but my phone will never ring for this number. I get lots of these types of calls and these are the steps I take to make sure the calls don't bother me again. I suggest these steps to others.

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7, Jul. 2014

They call me and hang up after I say hello.

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8, May. 2014

they have called multiple times!