Area Code 727

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Area code: 727
State: Florida
Country: USA
18, Feb. 2019

calls but no one there - just another scam because if you call that number, it is not in service.

18, Feb. 2019

We are contacting you from several complaints department in regards to a tax lein being filed against your name and social security number. If you want to avoid any discrepancies with your tax returns press 1 to speak with the legal representative or call 833-746-9306

15, Feb. 2019

He really made it believe able. But my mom warned me and I just googled the number. He still thinks I’m gonna cash the check lol

13, Feb. 2019


6, Feb. 2019

Do not contact this guy. He has threatened multiple women. He lives in David, FL

4, Feb. 2019

computer voice said "good bye" when i answered, must have picked up at the tail end of the robo call recording

1, Feb. 2019

It's a service rep trying to convince you that you owe money and should give them your credit card number right away. DON'T DO IT!!!!!

frances cavicchi
31, Jan. 2019

a lady called me from this number today and asked me if I knew somebody's name which I didn't and she called me a liar and hung up on me which was very rude and unprofessional I don't know who the person was.. I called the number back but they said you could not leave a message.. nobody needs to be calling my phone and calling me a liar!! I wish I could turn these people in for harassment.. I am a full-time caregiver for my 92 year old father on Hospice and I don't need to be harassed

29, Jan. 2019

This organization constantly harasses us over the phone and through the mail. There seems to be no way to make them stop. Asking to be removed from their lists doesn't help. It seems to make them more determined.

24, Jan. 2019

Called me twice, No message left. Seems sucipicious.

19, Jan. 2019

This is a text now number and they are a scam they ripped my friend off saying their gonna give her a loan well ended up getting alot if money out of her bank account and putting her account negative thousands of dollars

15, Jan. 2019

Told them I wasn't interested...but, they kept calling.

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