Area Code 724

Additional information:

Area code: 724
State: Pennsylvania
Country: USA
19, Feb. 2019

Called at noon and I didn't answer there was no message left

14, Feb. 2019

called me three times in a row but hung up after the first ring each time - I called back and it was a very shady recording that did not state what the agency was.

13, Feb. 2019

Cell phone rang once...I do not know anyone at that number...very annoying

7, Feb. 2019

It's not a scam. If they called it's because you owe money to someone and the debt was transferred to this Collection agency

6, Feb. 2019

Blocked call when it was identified as Butler County Jail. Obvious scam of some kind.

6, Feb. 2019

scary ... a commanding voice just gets your fax number maybe to sell it out. I only realized how absurd this was, after I hanged up.

28, Jan. 2019

Be aware he is stealing money from people will list animals for sale and steal your money. Be careful Please and do not give any of your personal information to him

24, Jan. 2019

I just BUSTED these Dot-head liars!!! They then had tbe NERVE to text me back insults, when I told them they were full of it!

21, Jan. 2019

Got a message on psn with this number saying to text it if i ever wanted to

18, Jan. 2019

This number called me but did not leave a voicemail. It looks like a scan since the number reads +7 245652097 which could be from overseas.

16, Jan. 2019

A man, with a foreign accent, said, that he was from Penelec and that he'd like to speak with William. William used to have my cell phone number. I knew him, well. I told the man, that William passed away, in 2015, and to, please, put him on the do not call, because he's deceased, list. He said, Sorry, OK. Penelec is our, local, electric company.

14, Jan. 2019

Did not answer. Left no voicemail.

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