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24, Jan. 2018

Called me twice in about 5 minutes, claiming to be from Social Security Disability office. Scammers!

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20, Oct. 2017

When I asked to be removed from their list, I was ignored and the sales pitch continued.

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15, Dec. 2016

I've filed complaints against this caller.

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15, Jul. 2016

I ask nicely each time to remove me from the call list and they hang up on me.

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15, Mar. 2016

This is the second time in the past two weeks that I've gotten a recorded call from this number.

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27, Apr. 2015

VA scam.

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5, Mar. 2014

This is the second call I received for these people on my cellphone which has been registered for quite sometime on the registry. When you follow the prompt to speak to them and question them, they hang up on you.

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20, Aug. 2012

Quick internet search shows they're scammerspretending to call from a PC company re: people's computers.