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25, May. 2018

Answered the call and there was no response on the other end.

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15, May. 2018

I am getting up to nine calls a day from these same people starting from morning and ending in evening.

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14, Jan. 2018

I tried calling this number back, but it gave me an error message.

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19, Oct. 2017

I have no mortgage and this is unsolicited on my cell phone.

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21, Jul. 2017

I keep getting calls from this # at work. I don't answer my phone, and they never leave a message. I work for social security admin... I have a QA job that requires no public contact whatsoever, and our #'s here are not to be provided to the outside. I should be getting calls from other SSA offices only.

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15, Oct. 2014

Claimed to be United Insurance wanting to sell me auto insurance. She started asking personal information and I asked her to remove me from the call list.

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15, Mar. 2013

This number called my home phone and then my cell phone within 5 minutes. the number came up anonymous on my caller id.

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2, Mar. 2013

When I tried to call back, I got a voice mail that this number was not allocated.