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13, Jan. 2018

Robocall dId not give any option to be removed.

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14, Dec. 2017

I keep getting calls from 352-440-3943, 352-247-2995 352-247-7398 352-247-2997.

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18, Apr. 2017

Calls multiple times a day, multiple days a week.

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14, Feb. 2017

They threatened to call my employer to verify information by end of the day, but it was a recording and they did not say my name.

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21, Oct. 2015

Calls several times a week. Been calling for at least a month. No msg left.

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29, Jul. 2015

it is a Spanish robo call from Hollywood Florida.

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18, Feb. 2015

phone rings no one answered. redialed the number comes up no longer in service

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1, May. 2014

Calls 3 to 4 times a day. Im sick of it. Answer phone and they hang up. Next call im calling police and filing a report.

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7, Apr. 2014

This number calls several times a week. Googling this number indicates many others are being harrassed by these callers.

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19, Mar. 2014

Caller disconnected immediately after I answered. I called the number back and got a recording saying that this number has been disconnected. I cannot help but be suspicious. Hmmm...

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18, Jun. 2013

I get calls from this number every day. When I pick up, the line is open, but no one answers. After a8 say hello several times, the line hangs up. I am extremely tired of this.

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26, Feb. 2013

These people have recently started phoning me. I don't know who they are. Please help me stop them. Thank you so much!

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5, Feb. 2013

this phone number called, when phone was answered the party at this number did not respond. called back and got answering machine.

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3, Dec. 2012

I received a call from this number and said hello several times with no response. After a couple times of me saying hello, it sounded like the other line was hung up so I hung up my phone.