Area Code 720

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Area code: 720
State: Colorado
Country: USA
2, Aug. 2020

I called back to caller to stop terrorizing.

25, Jun. 2020

INCESSANT CALLS, I am talking 5 at minimum and as many as 10 a day! And, thats just from THAT specific number, just today I have gotten 4 and its 1230p, THEY ARE UNGODLY. 7 days a week up til 9pm any day of the week.

2, Jun. 2020

In the couple of days I have been here her call has rang constantly.

11, May. 2020

when calling back get recording some type of research company

9, May. 2020

Caller said his name was Jay Dobbins, with "We Buy Houses, Denver". Said he and his wife (Carmen) were looking to buy another rental property, that they own a couple of properties in the area and drive by occasionally, and they like the style of house. Left a different phone number to call him back if interested, he would do an appraisal for free and pay cash to buy..

8, May. 2020


4, May. 2020

Recieved call from this number an no one answered me when I said HELLO.I called back an d recorder said PLEASE PUSH ANY NUMBER TO BE REMOVED FROM THIS LIST. IT CAN TAKE UP TO 24 HOURS TO BE REMOVED..??????

30, Apr. 2020

Yes, he called for GFCI outlets insulation, saying he's has a 4 property in staten island, and needs someone to install electric stuff for him

27, Apr. 2020

Claims that my daughter went onto my property and kicked his dog. Says his dog needs surgery now and wants me to pay for the surgery. However, I don't even have a daughter. He was screaming at me when I called him out on his BS.

23, Apr. 2020

Left this number on a sticky note on my truck with please call me... very weird

16, Apr. 2020

does not leave message when calling voicemail, will not give company name when asked

14, Apr. 2020

Who the H has this # Asking me for money and bank info 1-720-282-9319

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