Area Code 719

Additional information:

Area code: 719
State: Colorado
Country: USA
18, Feb. 2019

Regularly call on my cell phone. I don't pick up, because I only answer calls from those on my contact list.. Probably just need to block this number.

18, Feb. 2019

This number is linked to a Craigslist scammer posting fake ads to scam anyone that responds!

14, Feb. 2019

SAME HEREE!!! Report him or her to police pleaseee

11, Feb. 2019

FAKED Personal call. Recording comes up as a "restricted" call but voicemail gives this number as the callback. Recording of Bob claiming to be calling me back with the "information" he promised me. He was going to make me $10,000 every 10 days by going to Recording restates several times that he is calling me back and 'thinks' this is the right phone number.

9, Feb. 2019

Called me tonight. I didn't answer it. My phone has a detector if it is a scam or not. It came up as Scam so I didn't answer it. Hopefully they will not call again.

4, Feb. 2019

retards trying to get me to "support the local police" by sending a envelope to send money to a POLITICAL ACTION COMMITTEE? I call B.S.!

31, Jan. 2019

It just said: "Cannot apply a referral because another one has already been applied.,"

30, Jan. 2019

Constantly calling. They mention it is a recorded line. They ask if you can hear them. DO NOT ANSWER THEM! It is a scam. As soon as you answer they hang up.

27, Jan. 2019

Played phone tag to only find out it was a miss dial and ended up talking. Chris is his name and he is hilariously charming. Really wish I wasn't married right about now

23, Jan. 2019

Has literally called me 20 times in a month now ..... HARRASSMENT!

Munchma Quchi
22, Jan. 2019

719-631-5170 IRS Scam. Alleged that there are 4 serious crimes pressed against my name. I must call them and they will take care of the problems for me before the 'cops' get me.

21, Jan. 2019

An ED clinic calling to set up an appointment

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