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29, Nov. 2018

This company calls at least two times a day, every day.

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24, Aug. 2018

My husband asked if this number is the one he could be reached at and he said yes.

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19, May. 2018

They asked if we hadmade a call about our computer been slow, I told him NO and checked with my husband and he told me NO also.

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13, Feb. 2018

I clicked #2 per instructions to remove my number from their calling list.

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26, Sep. 2017

Regardless I want it to stop.

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21, Jan. 2017

This company said I had ordered some emergency medical equipment and wanted to deliver to my home.

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4, Apr. 2016

Called, left no message (after no pickup)

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25, May. 2015

According to GOOGLE this is a tele-marketer.

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25, Apr. 2015

The hospital is calling for an unspecified reason.

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4, Feb. 2015

I have called the number back to inquire as to the company name, but as soon as I ask for identifying information the person answering always hangs up on me.

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3, Feb. 2015

I have been on the don not call list for years

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20, Dec. 2012

Today is the 2nd time I have pressed 9 to be removed. Each time I do this I just get cut off.

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15, May. 2012

Sometimes they call from other numbers, too.

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26, Feb. 2012

Sent profane message at 12:31am & tried to advertise some website.