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5, Sep. 2018

I cannot stand receiving these pre - recorded telephone calls anymore. These people phone at 6: 55 a.m. I pressed the correct number to remove my telephone number from their call list, but it doesn't help. What does this business want ?

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4, Oct. 2014

This is the same company trying to sell an alarm system. We have one. They leave very long messages. I am so sick of them. They call every day!

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14, Aug. 2014

I couldn't understand the brand of computer, sounded like Rangle. The speaker had an accent. He said it was a followup call to check on how my "Rangle" computers were doing. This is a new twist, at least for me. I wonder what their end game is?

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28, Apr. 2014

This was a recorded call that I get daily. When I pressed 1 to speak with someone, they hung up when I started asking questions. I was unable to tell them not to call again. This was made to my cell phone number.