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  • Regional statistics: Colorado Springs, Colorado has a population of 373072 that is in a county of 192409 units. The city is in a county that is 2127 square miles. 719-217 is available through the regional telephone switch # CLSQCONL2MD in the Colorado Springs area.
  • Other cities located around Colorado Springs: Campo (719-215) Pueblo (719-214) Branson (719-220) Salida (719-221)
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6, Aug. 2016

Credit Card offer to consolidate

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6, Jul. 2016

Got a recording saying that the IRS is filing a lawsuit against me. And asking me to call this number back. This is part of a very big scam that's out there with this. IRS would never do this comma because it's unlawful for them to say these things on the get a letter.

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5, Jul. 2016

I just demanded that they take me off the list.

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11, Jun. 2014

this was a recorded call from someone asking if I left the a message in the voicemail. Without thinking I just hung up.

Susan J.
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3, Jul. 2013

I got a text from them that said " Hey I'm right by your place i got some xsannex vicodin 750s and some valium:)" this is the text and spelling they used.

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11, May. 2013

When caller called asked for me. I said to please take me of their list and hung up..Caller called again and my daughter answered and advised him that I had already told him to take me off their list, caller hung up. I called the number and placed a complaint with them. Thank you.

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17, Feb. 2013

They are calling to sell more products. This is a trick. Their vendors are hiding behing a company. name to say we authorizzed them to place the calls.

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17, Oct. 2012

They called again. Please do something -- this is getting very old! This is my second complaint on them. They have been calling for months.