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14, Aug. 2019

the month and phone number to me says scam.

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29, Mar. 2019

There just scammers looking for other people. And telling u that there looking for them because some filled a complaint on them.

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30, Jan. 2018

This number continues to call and say that from credit bureau and a final notice I will be arrested at home or work. see you at the court house. I believe to be some type of scam call. its harassment

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23, Dec. 2017

I have repeatedly asked these idiots to leave me alone, bu the harassment continues.

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16, Dec. 2017

Voice message states "final.notice from credit burea that I will be arrested either at home or work. Call the number if you need any further information or see you at the courthouse." Shaking in my boots P.O.S. scammer!

new jersey girl
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30, Oct. 2017

Have to get my call blocking app up and running again. Years ago I answered a call similar because I still hadn't filed my taxes, I thought I was in trouble, Almost paid $1500 in "penalties" until I spoke with my accountant. Total scammers.

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6, Sep. 2017

These robocalls from Cardholder Services stopped for a good amount of time - now they're back.

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16, Nov. 2016

What is this business to threaten people with unlawful call and lawsuit?

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21, Jun. 2016

They are probably using a computer to randomly dial numbers as I don't give out my cell number to anyone except family and close friends.

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14, Dec. 2015

This call was a personal information phishing scam.

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2, Dec. 2015

Got a call from this number telling me they are going to arrest me at work or home. Told them shoot! the real cops don't even tell you their coming.

Punk 'Em
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7, Aug. 2015

Obviously, since they totally disregard the National Do-Not-Call Registry AND your request not to call, the only thing left is to ENGAGE THEM. Whatever they are hawking, express hesitant interest, talking slowly and wasting as much time as possible. When asked, give bogus info - name, address, CC#, SSN, etc. (remember: THEY called YOU, and so are fair game...). If the (usually foreign) callers are phishing for customers for other actual insurance/brokerage/energy/contractor companies, try to get to these U.S. companies and find out as much info about them as possible. Then file a BBB complaint against the U.S. company for "Unethical Sales Practices" for using law-breaking (violating the NDNCR) entities to drive sales leads back to them. The calls aren't going to stop until we make it unprofitable to them to call...

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20, Jun. 2014

This seems like a scam. The person asks for your info. If you look the number up online, you will find several complaints about it.

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27, Jan. 2014

They call me for a different number multiple times a day. It is a robot caller.

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11, Jan. 2014

this company has called many times with different numbers.

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7, Mar. 2013

This is my mobile phone number. I have been making business calls from the road. My office number is 714-708-7265. Thanks!