Area Code 713

Additional information:

Area code: 713
State: Texas
Country: USA
19, Feb. 2019

This is a man's personal phone he is very possessive, angry and will stalk you online. Proceed with caution.

14, Feb. 2019

Calls but never leaves a message. Probably a telemarketer

14, Feb. 2019

keeps calling, I don't answer, and they never leave a message

13, Feb. 2019

Indian accent. Never said his name and started the voicemail as if I had inquired about something and he was following up.

9, Feb. 2019

Would not tell me were he was calling from asked for my son. This is a Scam 😠

28, Jan. 2019

They continuously call asking me to verify my information. I told them you tell me the information. & I will let you know if it is correct & they hang up

25, Jan. 2019

7134236781 calls and sunscreens the block. They hadn't said anything because I don't answer strange numbers. But it's annoying.

25, Jan. 2019

I received two calls from this number, I do not answer numbers I don't know and they, of course, didn't leave a message.

22, Jan. 2019

I immediately asked to be placed on their DO NOT CALL list. She quickly informed me that she was calling from my disability company. (I don't have one) I was firm and insisted my number be placed on their DNC list and hung up. Later I checked the number, you know, just in caase. Definetly SCAMMER!

16, Jan. 2019

asked if the address (my home) was for sale. Surprised they had this unpublished cell #.

15, Jan. 2019

three times no message annoying

11, Jan. 2019

I believe this is the number for one of the two access gates at the Bayou Park apartments on 4400 Memorial Dr. Typically a visitor would dial #0001 to call the office, or #[unit no.] to dial a resident to be buzzed in. Recently a new company has taken over management of the property, and a lot of things aren't working correctly. For a while, dialing #0001 would call MY cell, resulting in me getting ~40 calls a day from guests, potential renters, and delivery personnel, all trying to dial the office for access. That gate has a different number, and I suspect that this number is the other gate. So if you're getting calls from this number AND you live at Bayou Park, then now you have an answer.

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