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2, May. 2019

7136739264 made a charge to my credit card for $10.78. Listed as Sayan, TX.

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9, Feb. 2018

I keep receiving hang up calls from numbers with the 713 area code all claiming to be the Joel Osteen Ministry. It is every week and almost every day. This is ridiculous. These robocalls are out of control and to try and trick you to believe that it is some company, some ministry! People have nothing better to do. I don't get why nothing is ever done to get these crooks and throw them in prison.

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10, May. 2017

I never answer but it messes up my voice mail by causing it to issue a message that if I want to make a call, etc. It is definitely a scammer and our government is too busy with foolishness to protect its citizens from these phone attacks.

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3, Mar. 2016

I have asked them to take me off the list several times.

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23, Feb. 2016

Robo Call by Computer and will ring about two times and will not leave message.

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24, Jun. 2015

Obviously not, we are getting these unnecessary calls everyday.

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27, Aug. 2014

now keeping ledger on all calls all calls recorded

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31, Oct. 2012

They call repeatedly throughout the day. I spoke to someone and asked not to be called. They continue to call!