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4, Jan. 2018

Why haven't you done something.

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11, Jun. 2017

Received a phone call from this weird number . I looked it up and I think its the bill collectors called Consumer Recovery Associates. No idea why they're calling. Can anyone tell me if its them?

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12, Jan. 2017

They call weekly and hang up on me when I ask for an address.name.location.

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7, Mar. 2016

Already did so 3 times in december.

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21, Jan. 2013

They call threating arrest and that a police officer will be serving a warrant. It is scripted with a heavily accented person reading the script.

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12, Aug. 2012

They always tell me they have something for me. I ask them who they are but they will not say. I have verbaly told them I am on the "do not call registry" and to remove my number from their call list and then they hang up on me. I have received calls on my cellphone from this number.

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12, Mar. 2012