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18, Jun. 2018

continue to receive calls, yes I have hit # sign to stop not helping.

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20, Mar. 2018

The call was a scam as a quick web search for the number revealed.

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4, Sep. 2017

Probably a robocall. I'm on do not call list. We don't answer unknown calls. Just want these kind of calls to stop!

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22, Jul. 2016

they use a lot of phone numbers, trying to get credit card info

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25, Jun. 2013

Appears to be a new variation on the phishing email sent out to garment decorators, since this guy also emailed my company today as well as calling us. We get one of these emails at least twice a month. The names change, but it's always 1,000 T-shirts and always a request to pay with a credit card. In addition to wasting our time with bogus emails, now they're wasting it with bogus phone calls too. Put all this energy to work with HONEST labor, why don't you.

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14, Nov. 2012

Same call came in something was 7 years old an told me if I didn't pay I was gonna be arrested an left me a hateful voicemail telling me he was gonna call my place of employment an I wouldn't have a job

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1, Mar. 2012

This Greg person is calling my son, and is preying on him. My son is 16 and this Greg person is 39. I want the police called, and to have this matter taken care of.