Area Code 712

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Area code: 712
State: Iowa
Country: USA
11, Nov. 2018

My piano recital is at 3.0 pm and I have only 25 minutes to get into my attire. I am not feeling well and want to back off from the orchestra now. All what is echoing in my mind is the rude tone of the caller me and the rude remarks he used on me. I am clueless why the phone calls keep coming to me when I have no idea of the person they are tattling about. I am feelng awful when I think of the operation. Well I am not responsible for this state and all the blame should go to those idiotic callers who have been giving telephone calls at the most awkward times. No two words! everyone will say I got stage fright. I really don’t want to care.

11, Nov. 2018

When I answered my mobile phone yesterday morning, there was a bizarre man on the other end. Javier said his company had called 5 times about my loan. I don't know what he is referring to. This dude said I should pay the loan now or get taken to court next week for $2,300. He seems to know everything about me, like my work address. I'm panicking andd do not know whether I should pay.

5, Nov. 2018

We get calls on our home number and our cell phone number almost everyday Exactly the same message every time. They won't talk to my husband when he calls. The agent only wants me. He can't get the rep to state the name of the business. The return call number on the message is different from the telephone number they call from. Who do I turn to for help ?

5, Nov. 2018

I went to answer the telephone calls and entirely completely forgot about the fish pie in the oven. My friend will be coming at any time now and I need to get some food for them to eat. My mind is empty and all this is due to the phone calls which has come in fom "#" at the most annoying times of the day. Can someone help my family how to solve this situation please.

1, Nov. 2018

I am a bookworm and love to read whenever I can. Just imagine getting 11 telephone calls from a caller continually and the most awkward thing is I have been getting the calls on my mobile when I am in the library in the relaxing area. I got the phone call again just a while ago when I was at the library premises and now the person responsible for the library has sent a message for me to come. I don’t mind a penalty but I hope that they are not going to cancel my membership card I suppose I knew this was coming.

11, Oct. 2018

Received recorded voicemail.Threatening IRS scam about owing money, I do not.

3, Oct. 2018

Thank you for any help you can give.

3, Oct. 2018

They did not leave a v/m.

2, Oct. 2018

Have checked and not found anyone that has actual knowledge of what this is about.All complaints are about disconnect/hang-up calls.

2, Oct. 2018

so very hard for the elderly to be having to go to the phone as it rings only to find out that it is again another number that do not call registry should put a stop to.

2, Oct. 2018

lots of complaints on google

2, Oct. 2018

too early to be calling people for any reason except emerencies.

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