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1, Aug. 2018

I usually hang up and forget it.

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16, Nov. 2014

Another scammer! I listed my car at and got a message from this number that is interested in buying my car and requesting my respond via e-mail. I e-mailed him and got this message from "Thank you for your reply, I will be purchasing it with the present condition and i have contacted the shipping company that will handle the pick up from your current address to my home address previously in my message sent to you and I will like to know the method of payment because I do work outside home presently which you do understand. I will be paying with my PayPal account through bank transfer from here to your bank account if you do agreed to sell it for me,You will need to create PayPal account and set up with your bank details but you can easily sign up your PayPal via there website Lastly, your PayPal email address or your bank account details which is the account and routing number will be needed to be able to paid via PayPal kindly reply me back with your PayPal email address or account details, waiting for your reply. NOTE: I have upgrade my PayPal to Business merchant account which means I can only transfer large amount at once but multiple payment is not allowed I do not want my account to be flagged. Thank you !!!" Buying and paying for a car without inspection? No way! Paying using PayPal? No way! There are too many cases of scams related to and PayPal. Be aware! Don't do it!

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16, Aug. 2013

This number will not stop calling after numerous requests.

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13, Aug. 2013

This number has been calling 2 times every day, and when we answer, they hang up.

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13, Jun. 2013

This is the same caller. The second call on my cell phone in the last two days. On each occasion I followed their opt out feature. These calls have been reaching me on a weekly basis.

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15, Mar. 2013

When we answer the phone they hang up without saying anything. We call them back but they put you on hold and don't come back.

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15, Feb. 2013

called and hung up, left no message. i returned the call and it said something about not finishing a job app. offered to help me find a job. never spoke with anyone, just a recorded message.