Area Code 707

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Area code: 707
State: California
Country: USA
3, Dec. 2018

The company is keeps calling e, more often than not before 8 in the early morning. I attempted to clarify the circumstances, and weas able to get the company to understand. I wonder if they'll quit telephoning.

2, Dec. 2018

I was engaged to this crazy man for the past 3 weeks whn I realized what sort of a person the guy is. My family had been advising me about this guy and I resented the advice. I called the "#" and broke off my engagement. I really feel that I hate mankind.

2, Dec. 2018

This number starts telephoning at seven in the morning and keeps calling 10-15 times per month. Someone has got to put a stop to this. Tonight's message was insulting me and making me mad. What could I do about these threats?

1, Dec. 2018

I have tried calling back the contact number left on the message, but it is an automated message and no one answers.

30, Nov. 2018

The earliest was 7am on a Sunday and the latest was 10pm.

30, Nov. 2018

each call was answered by male with heavy eastern accent.

30, Nov. 2018

This Comcast outfit call on my cell in the afternoon and I hate it. I answered after one ring and I heard a robocall.

30, Nov. 2018

Each time I have waiting until the end to select the option to be removed from the list.

29, Nov. 2018

The company calls at least three times a day. When I pick up, it's an automated call. It's a no-brainer because the guy's vpice has identical inflections every single time.

29, Nov. 2018

The business calls before 8:00 a.m. When I answer the phone, it's a robocall. I know this because the lady's voice has the same inflections every single time.

29, Nov. 2018

I cannot seem to get htis number to stop calling my phone. They're looking for Aaron but I do not know that man. I hate that they are phoning continually.

28, Nov. 2018

They told me that I filed an application for a loan and I have done no such thing.

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