Area Code 706

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Area code: 706
State: Georgia
Country: USA
22, Feb. 2020

AMVETS CDSI "Jaime calling for pick up in our area" for past 8 years when we lived in another state and had never done business with them to begin with! This is probably the FIFTH TIME I AM REGISTERING this number with in an effort to get AMVETS to stop calling us. They will call on the same day: 9:54 a.m., 4:55 p.m., 7:00 p.m. Enough is enough please make them stop. They leave messages on our voicemail constantly and constantly keep calling no matter how many times we have registered this complaint with you. This is really unfair that they are "above" you guys and ignoring you.

21, Feb. 2020

Calling asking if I would like to keep my domain extension but they needed my credit card to go head and charge $25.95 to it so I can keep my tld from expering told them there mistaken me for another customer but claiming that I've made arguments to keep my and there for I must proved them my credit card so they can go head and prosse the renewal of the domain or my account will be canceled. And moved to sub domain following a 30 day suspendtion for non payment told them they got the wrong person but there saying I owe them cuz it says right here on there end now they won't stop calling asking me for my credit card info what scammers are they.

21, Feb. 2020

You are not going to have to pay.

20, Feb. 2020

Called yesterday afternoon, then called again tonight at 8:39 PM!! Blocked the call.

19, Feb. 2020

It was a recorded message from William with Vacation Services.

19, Feb. 2020

Last person I got their name: b(6) and her extension is 369.

18, Feb. 2020

I've won over $100,000.

18, Feb. 2020

Please respond to the matter and contact me to verify why this is continuing.

18, Feb. 2020

with about 5 hours between calls.

18, Feb. 2020

Not sure if it is the same or different companies making these calls.

18, Feb. 2020

It is a clear violation of your policies and according to Internet websites is widespread.

15, Feb. 2020

Subject matter of the call: Business loan

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