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23, Sep. 2018

The company called our phone many months ago. They called repeatedly. They constantly said they were calling for a chick I didn't have a clue about. When I indicated that I didn't know this person, the company disconnected me. I was pissed.

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23, Sep. 2018

I received a phone call fro Ashford University tonight. Why would @ cal me ? We need to know.

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23, Sep. 2018

Ashford University just called my cell phone. My best frkend heard dial tone when he answered. I have no idea why they phoned. This online forum is useful.

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24, Jul. 2018

They call at all hours of the day, and will not leave me alone.

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8, Jun. 2018

I have Many other numbers that are doing the same thing.

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21, Dec. 2017

Once when answer machine picked up, it recorded about 2 minutes of background noise and voices sounded very much like a call center.

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17, Jan. 2017

they are scamming the old people, I am retired and they ring phone 15 times if I don't answer

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23, May. 2016

Let answer machine take call. No message. Put on my new call blocker.

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14, Aug. 2015

I Can not call this number and connect with anyone I have left messages for them to delete my phone # on several occusations

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28, May. 2015

Card services has called on my cell phone.

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29, Apr. 2015

They do not allow for people to press a button to be removed from their calling list, otherwise I would have.