Area Code 705

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Area code: 705
State: Ontario
Country: Canada
25, Oct. 2018

Called and said my husband is going to have a warrant out for his arrest if he doesn’t contact them back.. seriously wtf

16, Oct. 2018

Immediately afterward I receive at least two calls a day from different numbers all across the country with the same recorded phone sex message.

11, Oct. 2018

When asked questions about the company they terminate the call.

11, Oct. 2018

Anything you can do to stop this would be appreciated.

3, Oct. 2018

I want to stop this please help me.

3, Oct. 2018

Fake cra call tax scam

1, Oct. 2018

The phone company must know who this person / group is. Why don't they tell the adress to the cops and they'll put those people behind bars ? Better, give me the adress and look the other way for a minute.

30, Sep. 2018

Recorded message: recommended by the Nat'l Diabetes Center.

30, Sep. 2018

This is clearly a scam and has been reported to the Better Business Bureau.

27, Sep. 2018

Same here - got it on my answering machine. Robotic mail voice says it is from the CRA and there is a lawsuit pending... good there is a place we could check and wright for such scammers! Thank you all who reported!

27, Sep. 2018

I also received this call & was threathened. Thanks 2 all the comments I didn't reply!!

25, Sep. 2018

An internet search of the number reveals that many other people have the same problem.

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