Area Code 704

Additional information:

Area code: 704
State: North Carolina
Country: USA
21, Mar. 2019

Researched the number, they seem to be spamming other people as well.

21, Mar. 2019

I can take care of myself quite well.

21, Mar. 2019

I do not have any debts that are in collection and I have received several annoying calls on my cell phone.

20, Mar. 2019

The first call was telling me I had a package coming the following day and has anyone notified me about this. The second call, I recognized the voice, hung up, and blocked them.

20, Mar. 2019

Call began with someone saying a representative will be with me shortly - then a man named Roy got on the line and asked me to return the call.

18, Mar. 2019

Also, they now say I can get $3000 worth of free groceries.

16, Mar. 2019

No Caller ID, no name of company, and over a minute of pre-recorded message before the option of "Remove yourself from our call list" was available. No live human whatsoever.

16, Mar. 2019

Whenever I call back the number, I got the message that the number has been disconnected.

15, Mar. 2019

They called again today and I did not answer, but clearly this is not going to stop.

15, Mar. 2019

All it does is wake my aging mother.

15, Mar. 2019

I have asked several times to be removed from their call list and have informed them that my number is on the National Do Not Call List

15, Mar. 2019

Something about increase credit limit on credit card.

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