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6, Apr. 2019

Sorry,should read not ”Dunger”.

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30, Nov. 2018

I answered the phone and the caller started laughing and singing in an Asian language.

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19, Dec. 2017

Each time different area codes and wireless phone numbers.

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22, Oct. 2017

I have received one to two calls a day.

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7, Oct. 2017

I recieved two calls today on my mobile phone saying "The FBI reports break-ins." I have received this same call numberous times over the past few months.

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28, Sep. 2017

This company has called every day for the past 2 weeks and lets the number ring twice.

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25, Sep. 2017


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6, Sep. 2017

This is the third time (at least) that they have called.

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17, May. 2017

Also unwanted calls from 8773187054, 9292230099,2026449035,7036460635,2025994867

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21, Apr. 2017

Lower your credit card interest rate. Am no longer pushing the "opt-out" code per your advice.

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21, Mar. 2017

It was a recording on my answering machine that said if I want them to stop calling I had to call them back.

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27, Feb. 2017

This law is so unfair.

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7, Feb. 2017

This call was made from a California cell phone and could either come from a 408 or 669 area code in this region.

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17, Oct. 2016

Caller was very pushy.

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3, Oct. 2016

they contacted me about craigs list 703 828 7819

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29, Jul. 2016

The message was for some sort of vacation deal.

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23, May. 2016

I called the company back to find out the name.

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28, Apr. 2016

Called me only in the month of April, 2x leaving me a message saying the IRS was filing lawsuit against me. When I called them back, they hung up on me. Scam.. Sound Asian and are located in VA

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7, Jan. 2016

Got message on my answering machine. Obviously a scam. Hope no one is gullible enough to bite.

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21, Nov. 2015

The automated message said that it was Rachel calling from card holder services to offer me a way to lower credit card debt.

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11, Nov. 2015

Lady was very rude when I told her I was on the DO Not Call List

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30, Oct. 2015

I checked the phone number and found that the telemarketing group is located in Pomona, CA.

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7, Oct. 2015

repeated phone calls - we do not answer.

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22, Sep. 2015

They have a recording that says they can reduce your interest rate.

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17, Sep. 2015

The phone number rotates between several area codes.

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4, Sep. 2015

constantly calls and leaves no message and never answers if you pick up. They do not abide by do not call list.

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26, Aug. 2015

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15, Jun. 2015

I spoke with someone of Indian nationality and asked him to take my phone number off his list.

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3, Jun. 2015

I answer and there is no one on the other line

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2, Jun. 2015

He will not return their call because they refuse to tell me what they want.

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28, May. 2015

Calls numerous times during week.

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28, May. 2015

Calling the number back gets a d/c message.

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6, May. 2015

This number has called more than once.

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5, May. 2015

This is not a telemarketer as much as a Phishing fraud artist.

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4, May. 2015

Caller clamed to be with the I.R.S. Sounded a bit like other scam calls we used to get from a California number.

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25, Apr. 2015

The guy hung up on me when I said I was on the Do Not Call Registry and I would like to be removed from their calling list.

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23, Apr. 2015

Received voice message stating we better call number back and not to disregard or else 'stuff will rain down on you' or to that affect. Stated that myself or attorney should call back and that the local sheriff's department has been made aware that we are being investigated for tax fraud or evasion, some such nonsense. It sounds very suspicious and we have not called back. I came on her trying to see if anyone else has had similar thing happen and it looks like it judging from these above comments. Its a scam I believe.

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16, Apr. 2015

On Tuesday April 14th. I received 3 messages from this # telling me that the IRS was going to place a lien on my property and bank accounts. It left a number for me to call. I figured it was a s cam. Later in the evening I received another call which without looking at the ID. I answered, it was a scammer on the other end . This time telling I would be arrested within the next 40 minutes. The voice on the other was an Indian speaking very broken English. I insisted on talking to someone I could understand. They put a man who gave me the name of William on the phone, and he gave me my case number and said they had all the proof they needed to have me arrested and because I had been on the phone with them for 10 minutes I would be picked by the cops within 30 minutes now. They got upset with me because I kept asking them questions and told me to get self a good attorney because I was going to need it and they hung up. Can't say I wasn't scared because was. Hope they can put these lowlifes out the scamming business and put them behind bars!

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14, Apr. 2015

I received 4 automated calls from a man with an Indian accent in one day stating I was being accused of Tax Evasion by the IRS and needed to call right away or have my attorney on record call.He "wished me well as this situation unfolds" if I didn't call back...got a busy signal when I called. What a scam!

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8, Apr. 2015

called to state i owed money to the irs and wanted me to buy green dot moneypak cards for $1625 to pay the debt or be arrested.

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6, Apr. 2015

I don't speak with them.

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3, Apr. 2015

Said I have lawsuit filed by IRS and went on to ask those dumb questions you should not answer. Which I did not because he was talking too much. He had a West Indies accent. I just happened to have IRS website pulled up because I was working on my 2014 taxes. No issue with my account. Told him he was a downright lying ass. End of call

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31, Mar. 2015

I do NOT answer calls from numbers that I do not recognize. I received two calls from 703-828-0434 and one from 703-828-0435. Two different voices on the voice mail indicated two different callers, same message as the one posted above. I have not gotten any letters and my taxes are paid. Please don't even answer calls from numbers you do not recognize until you have an opportunity to look the number up to see if it's legit.

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31, Mar. 2015

Everytime I have told them not to call back.

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25, Mar. 2015

Another dead robo call received at 11:07AM EDT. Caller ID name reads: "5132764029". Same as phone number.

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25, Mar. 2015

Same message as many others have received. Calling from the IRS to settle what I owe before issuing warrant for my arrest. Never gave his name or mentioned my name. Random scam call.

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25, Mar. 2015

Its a scam. I verified the scam with the local law enforcement and police department.

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23, Mar. 2015

scammer. asked me to call 703 828 0424 to avoid arrest.

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20, Mar. 2015

Claims they are with the IRS and is issuing a warrant out for my arrest. Whats the point of these scammer phone calls?

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19, Mar. 2015

"Hello this is an automated message from Internal Revenue Service tax and audit department. The moment you read this message I need you or your attorney of record to return the call. The issue at hand is extremely time sensitive and very urgent. We have received a legal petition notice against your name regarding tax fraud. The number to reach us at is 7038280423. Again the number is 7038280423. Don't disregard this message and do return the call. If I don't hear from you, or from your attorney either, the only thing I can do is wish you good luck as this situation unfolds on you. This is an automated message from tax and audit department of IRS. Do contact us back before things get worse. Thank you and have a good day. Bye"

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18, Mar. 2015

card services wanting to lower interest rates.

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11, Mar. 2015

Says they are calling from the Tax Evasion department of the IRS - SCAM They have called using vulgarity, threats and rude comments. Always a foreign accent and poor English.