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6, May. 2019

I have tried calling the number but has been busy every time.

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24, May. 2017

Please help me to find out if this is a legal company and if I should trust them.

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23, Mar. 2016

Also have called on 2nd line at (b)(6).

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20, Jan. 2016

at this point it is 2 to 3 times a day.

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14, Aug. 2013

They call all the time, sometimes multiple times a day. They usually hang up as soon as we answer the phone. When we do get a person, I have asken them to stop calling our number twice, their response is that they will call back tomorrow.

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11, Jul. 2013

We get calls a couple times a wk. if we don't answer, they leave messages. This has gone on for several months! I have asked them to stop calling and I was hung up on. Today I asked them to stop calling and she said she was unable to do that, and that I'd have to select #3 next time they called to be put on the do not call list.