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21, Mar. 2018

Refused to give me to supervisor.

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8, Jul. 2016

Call received about noon 12/2/2013 Company selling alert devices

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4, Jun. 2014

What do I have to do to get these morons to quit calling 2 or 3 times a day? Yes, the same number. And I report it each time but THEY KEEP CALLING! Matter of fact, not one single number I've reported has ever stopped. What exactly IS the Do Not Call Registry?

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23, Apr. 2013

When I pick up, no one speaks. I tell them that I am on the do not call list and to stop calling.

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18, Mar. 2013

This phone number called several times today. I called back and all I got was a recorded message to press 1 to stop receiving phone calls. There were never any other options, nor was a company name given.

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10, Jan. 2013

These calls are occurring daily.