Area Code 702

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Area code: 702
State: Nevada
Country: USA
14, Dec. 2018

Calls EVERYDAY!...caller I'd says pharmacy service

13, Dec. 2018

This man is a Romance Scam artist. He was on He posts photos that aren't him. Sends romantic texts and emails hoping to gain your trust and then will ask you for money.

11, Dec. 2018

Got a call from this number - caller ID said "Vegas Vacations" she said she works for a vacation company- not a timeshare offering 3n/4d vacation packages for $379.00 to Vegas. no airfare. all sorts of bonus travel perks come with the purchase. $500.00 travel credit to use after trip is complete. Required to attend a 60 min presentation on the travel agency and their perks of membership.

8, Dec. 2018

This number belongs to the god of awesome.

8, Dec. 2018

This person sent me dirty photos!

6, Dec. 2018

On Wednesday, I was looking forward to receiving a call from the furniture broker when the Android phone started ringing for the 4th occasion for that day. This was a rare and very valuable piece and to my wonder the mobile call was from the jerk who had been calling me from previous week and always the conversation was one sided. The very moment I cut the call the coward calls once more. Just now the mobile call came from the firm that since they could not get confirmation from me they had taken a decision to auction tje piece I fiel annoyed with nobody else but with myself for losing an item worth close to a million.

Mrs K
6, Dec. 2018

This company has called me every day this week, I have asked them each time to remove me from the call list. I just received another call and when I asked again to be removed from the call list he said " Not with that attitude, Nope! " and hung up on me. And I've been polite every time they call.

5, Dec. 2018

Robocaller scam

5, Dec. 2018

This bill collection agency called 10 times in a week and wanted to talk to my son. I wouldn't believe what he was saying. I said to the collector to stop phoning. The same person kept calling anyway.

5, Dec. 2018

Any body get a $2400.00 check from them?

4, Dec. 2018

How many instances do I have to make myself clear that I do not wants similar calls and the person not to telephone my residence they simply go on calling. When I inquire from the person I only hear a person giggling on the other side. I don’t think it is a laughing matter as the caller is acting funny. What sort of law is this?

3, Dec. 2018

He said his name is Gary and he wanted to talk to me about buying my property in Vegas. He said to call back and leave my phone number and the address of my property so he apparently calls lots of people. Probably a place that says they want to buy for cash regardless of condition.

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