Area Code 702

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Area code: 702
State: Nevada
Country: USA
21, Nov. 2018

Most recently they offered this service for $45.

21, Nov. 2018

They call numerous times a day & always a recording

21, Nov. 2018

This number telephoned me and I phoned them. The collector who picked up the call was incredibly obnoxious. Why would I give them my cousin's DL#? These people oughta be ashamed. I am hoping they get what they deserve.

20, Nov. 2018

I need them to stop.

20, Nov. 2018

I called the number back and its a debt collection number that has nothing to fo with us.

20, Nov. 2018

I have been giving telephone calls to my sister who is in Montreal since Saturday. Unfortunately, the telephone calls were not from them and the telephone calls were from an unknown caler who mentioned that he worked with me a few years ago. I am not sure what to call individuals of this nature - Time wasters?

20, Nov. 2018

I have gotten this call multiple times about "there is nothgin wrong with your credit card.

20, Nov. 2018

At the time I hand over the iPhone to the person involved the inquirer mentions it is not the person he wants and hangs up the phone. No one knows why the mobile calls are happening and it still remains a question. When we telephone the "#" there is an automatic prompt which indicates options to press the PIN No to speak to a customer complaint agent. When I press the relevant keys for complaints nobody answers. I am thinking of the dollars that I have to spend on this case. This is something I need to do to stop these jerks I would have rather liked to use this amount for an orphanage rather than wasting on these issues.

20, Nov. 2018

I have also told them I am on the do not call list and they keep calling.

20, Nov. 2018

This number is taking money out of me without even me knowing

19, Nov. 2018

This company has been harassing me with as many as four or more calls a day for at least a week now, probably more. If I'm not home, a message is never left, just a record of the fact they called. When I did finally pick up, an automated woman's voice stated something like there was a call for me and to please hold. The effect was to make it seem as if the call was coming from a business office. No one picked up immediately-I hung up. This morning they woke me up, again, and I tried to call back: 2 rings, cut-off. Don't know who they are, but I don't like this and I am tired of whatever it is they are up to. Can you please help with this.

19, Nov. 2018

I keep getting this same recording but from different numbers

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