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Caller information for: 678-212-5481

Those calls are from Covington Credit

If Covington Credit is harassing you, you can get free legal help to stop the calls... and recover up to $1,500 for illegal calls. Zero cost out-of-pocket.

Or, call their staff now to see if you might have a case: 844-685-8700 .

8, Jun. 2016

I had an old student loan which I couldn't pay, basically I defaulted on the payment approximately 12 years ago. At the time I was getting a lot of harassing phone calls from the collectors, they froze a couple of my paychecks and in the end my credit history went in the gutter. To my complete shock and dismay I got a phone call from a debt collector by the name of “Richard Campbell of Legal Consultant Services”, the person sounded very threatening and told me that I need to immediately pay off the bill or I would face legal issues. I panicked, but thankfully friend of mine is an attorney who told me that the statute of limitation has run out on the debt. When I called back the outfit and told them about that they just kept repeating “so when are you going to pay this?”, I also just kept repeating the same thing just asking them if the statute of limitation has run or not, so the scammers just hung up. Crazy...

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