Area Code 662

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Area code: 662
State: Mississippi
Country: USA
4, Feb. 2019

another group of SCUMBAGS trying to STEAL MONEY in the name of those that DO help people.

27, Jan. 2019

I got this kids number by copying the No Caller ID name after he called me,hung up, and called again said “I have hirppies” and hung back up. Besides everyone know you gotta call the pizza place not real people. To the rest of the people on this site he’s just kid making prank calls don’t give him “too” much hate.

18, Jan. 2019

Scam. Just called Jan 2019.

7, Jan. 2019

I received at least 20 calls Saturday from 2 individuals saying they were calling from UPS and had a package from Medicare to deliver to my mom. When I questioned them they because very hostile so I hung up. They kept calling back and again saying they were calling from UPS but then they took it one step further by making threatening comments of which I have one recorded. The comments were: “I am coming to your house to do very bad things to you” “I will be at your house on Monday and will kill you and your family” “I enjoy doing bad things and you are going to regret” I did file a report with my local police department but felt it is important that UPS know there is a fraudster saying he is representing your company. They called from the following phone numbers: 662-640-4606 662-640-4607 314-293-4078 314-293-4077 I these scammers get shut down because they prey on the vulnerability of the elderly.

30, Nov. 2018

The message was recorded informing me that I had won a cruise, but I had to take a survey first.

30, Nov. 2018

They never say anything

30, Nov. 2018

Very hard to ask to be removed.

Bufford Bartholomew jenkings
28, Nov. 2018

TrI'd to solicit nude pictures of me over the phone and wanted me to move to Isreal with her. Wild phone call. Must be involved with sex trafficking

27, Nov. 2018

The consumer received several robo calls from someone to lower his cc interest rate.

26, Nov. 2018

This is the second complaint I have filed with this registry concerning this phone message.

25, Nov. 2018

I got a text from this number on my fake app couple months ago they said there name was Steven james from letgo, knew it was fake I stopped replying.. till today I got a text from them I said who’s this, and they said a friend from Facebook so I made a name up and said is this “Brianna Torres?” And they said yes telling me that I’m a winner for something lol knew it was fake

23, Nov. 2018

The company called me yesterday. The caller kept asking, what is your home address? I wasn't sure why she called me. She stated a social security number. I could not believe she gave out someone's social security number. She was clueless about the name of the person she was talking to. I just demanded to understand why she was contacting me but she asked me to answer her questions and then she'd tell me who she was. It took me 10 minutes to convince her to confess the name of tje debt collection agency. I eventually said to her that she had the wrong number. Couldn't stand it.

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