Area Code 660

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Area code: 660
State: Missouri
Country: USA
20, Feb. 2020

We get the same call from this company (not sure if its from the same #)at least weekly.

20, Feb. 2020

They hung up after my answering machine came on.

Esther Davila
20, Feb. 2020

Believe to be a scammer, requested money cards but dud not send any.

19, Feb. 2020

now up to twice a day.

18, Feb. 2020

Just wanted you to be aware because it sounds like a scam!

15, Feb. 2020

Tired of them not abiding by the do not call registry.

14, Feb. 2020

I just want to clarify if this no. is safe and registered 1+660-324-3817. This no. used in hangout chating me he was in China. Then when I verified this is in Los Angeles California Medical Health. Then his profile appear from Facebook. When I called this no. no one answered. But seems he is watching me in a video call.

7, Feb. 2020

I must have reported them 50 times by now, can no one help me with these guys?!

31, Jan. 2020

The caller seemed to be a recording that responded to questions.

24, Jan. 2020

I would appreciate your help.

20, Jan. 2020

I want to press charges against them.

20, Jan. 2020

This number is now blocked on my telephone but they continue to call causing the telephone to ring once for five consecutive times every five minutes or so.

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