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Stop fraud
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3, Apr. 2019

Called my phone left no message although the name that showed on my caller I'd is a spoofed name and phone number vopi Google Skype type phone scam

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28, Oct. 2018

Our phone rings incessantly and I've had it. What could I do ? I demanded to be put on the company's do not call registry, but they won't do so.

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23, Apr. 2018

Calls me every morning for the past 7 months, when i answer it's an automated voice message telling me to press 1.

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17, Jan. 2018

I requested the caller on 09-30-2015 not call again and blocked the number.

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2, Mar. 2016

No name given and no name shows on caller ID.

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20, Feb. 2016

It rings, never leaves a message, calls vary in the time of day from morning to 8 pm at night.

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17, Feb. 2016

The call center involved does not use the same Capital One 800 number as is on my card.

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15, Sep. 2015

So I called the number back and heard distressing noises, which sounded like a woman getting raped.