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  • Regional statistics: Manhattan, New York has a population of 1537195 that is in a county of 738644 units. The city is in a county that is 28 square miles. 646-981 is available through the regional telephone switch # NYCMNYAACM5 in the Manhattan area.
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21, May. 2019

They wanted me to answered 4 questions about SSI.

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14, Sep. 2018

When I picked up the cell phone today, there was a dude from Apria Healthcare on the line. Christian left a voicemail about an old bank account. I have never had that type of account. Can somebody please guide me?

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13, Sep. 2018

Why is Apria Healthcare calling me? This is the second call this month.

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5, Sep. 2017

Have not done business with them or requested information from them.

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6, Oct. 2016

Same deal with heavy Pakistan or East Indian accent advising good luck if I dont call back. Going to report.

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3, Oct. 2016

Caller ID said out of area.

Larry Strickland
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30, Sep. 2016

Same here. I just ignored them. I know these kind of tax scams are exist since years ago. I have reported the number to FTC. Hopefully they'll get caught as soon as possible. They deserved to be in jail.

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29, Sep. 2016

Called 4 times each day (including weekends), once in the morning and three times before 5 for the last week and a half, and left no voice message.

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23, Sep. 2016

So when I questioned the guy when was this loan taken out he stated March 2011 and it was charged off June 2011.

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18, Aug. 2016

This company is calling me daily.

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2, Oct. 2014

Kevin said he was from the central office of Apria Healthcare and wanted to review the "status of my account". I got a run around answer when I asked him why. After several more questions and lack of answers, he said he would mail me something and gave me the 646-981-1711 phone number to call him back. He then hung up. This smells like a scam.

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25, Jun. 2013

This was a text message telling me to call a phone number. This is the third nuisance text message and one phone message I received today. I am getting fed up with this. DO SOMETHING TO STOP THIS.

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8, Dec. 2012

They call and let the phone ring a couple of times and they hang up. They have been calling and doing this for about one week.

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14, Nov. 2012

they appear to be marketers...BUT they state that they are not selling anything.. they quickly hang up when I inquired about the company name.