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21, Jan. 2015

Automated call for business owner to "increase capital

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6, Aug. 2014

I think that I have turned them in before, but do not know if it was from the same phone #.

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29, Jul. 2014

They call and say press 1. Getting real upset with them and I don't press.

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3, Jul. 2014

This person called late at night and I did not get the name of the company and they wouldn't repeat it when I asked. I told them I was very angry that they called so late and told them to remove our number from the calling list. They hung up.

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9, May. 2014

They call 4-5 times per day. I ask them to quit calling and take me off their list. They hang up on me and call back a few hours later.

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4, May. 2014

these jerks called everyday, sometimes twice.

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11, Feb. 2014

i had applied for a loan amount of 10000$,,and i got my loan ass per mr,jerry commited thanks jerry and to cash net usa for helping me

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24, Jan. 2014

This number is a repeat offender. My number is a cell phone that has never been listed in directories and has been on DoNotCall since inception. Please shut this spammer down! Thanks.

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9, Jan. 2014

This was an automated company name given and I had to press "1" to talk to a live person.

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21, Nov. 2013

They take ur personal information again then as soon as you state all ur information they hang up the number to call is a new york number but the fax nunber at tge bottom in yhe smalk print is a san antonio tx number and oops he forgot tonchange the dates my paper emailed to me was dated 2011 BIG SCAM THANK GOD INRESERCHED BEFORE TALKING TO HIM.

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6, Jul. 2013

This is the first call from this number.

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28, Jun. 2013

This individual is consistsntly harassing me and calling all times of night

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22, Feb. 2012

I called this number first 876-476-2805 because it was marked urgent on my caller ID.The message was from the person above.I called and he said I was to call 646-527-8549 this person said I was to receive money back from the government?,but I was to go to wal-mart and purchase a gift card so the money could be loaded on it? I asked how much for the card he said 499.00 dollars?I said no thanks and hung up.Yesterday I had received several calls with no message from Jamaica