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30, May. 2018

Y,407,3785331,Shows up twice but only rang for one call.

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21, May. 2017

Since I don't answer unknown call I can't provide the name of the company. They do call weekly though.

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3, Apr. 2015

he likes to cheat on everybody trust me I dated him for 3 months and I found out he was cheating on me and got another girl pregnant and took her to get an abortion. the reason why it's hard to figure out when he's lying is because he's always lying everything he f****** says is a f****** life nothing he says is true everything he says is b******* he likes to manipulate people to make them feel bad and then after they feel bad he disappears and he laughs at them and he thinks it's funny

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30, Sep. 2013

These people text my cell phone. It is a virus and should have action taken against them. Too many people get away with this all the time.