Area Code 641

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Area code: 641
State: Iowa
Country: USA
15, Feb. 2020

will not stop calling, they want to consolidate pay day loans which I do not have.

13, Feb. 2020

The caller Id came up as Danville Vt.

4, Feb. 2020

The calls are non-stop and I have asked them to stop calling.

26, Jan. 2020

I Could not understand a word the gentleman was saying.

15, Jan. 2020

I asked VERY NICELY to please take our number of their call list (they call frequently).

8, Jan. 2020

We have asked them over and over to stop calling.

6, Jan. 2020

Unsolicited call recorded by Caller ID SECOND OCCURRENCE but source location unknown (CT?)

2, Jan. 2020

If you call them back the message says the number is no longer in service.

13, Dec. 2019

Please do something to stop them.

6, Dec. 2019

At the end of the message he does say press 9 and I will remove you from my list and never call again.

4, Dec. 2019

The cell number I'm doing research on is my husband's we've been together for 30 31 years two beautiful grandkids for beautiful grown grandbabies we both work hard to have everything we have in life over the years been together since we I was 16 and he was 19 been together too long to give it up I'm about ready go to my lawyer how divorce papers drawn up and divorcing I do believe there is another woman but he's not open it up and being honest he's just coming home picking fights with me shoving me and pushing me around and trying to drive me out of the house or he gets in his vehicle and leaves I can't take it no more I just need to find out the truth before I draw up divorce papers

26, Nov. 2019

keep calling and hanging up never leaves a message one time I answered and it was dead air

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