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9, May. 2019

the male on the other end acted like he couldn't hear me, then hung up.

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1, Apr. 2019

no on on the phone, no recording, and no way to remove from their calling list.

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20, Nov. 2018

Person on other end of line does not answer.

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29, Nov. 2017

We receive many calls like this, selling home security systems

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7, Oct. 2017

Could you please do something to stop this harassment?

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8, Jun. 2017

Got a phone call from this weird number . I looked it up and I think its the collectors called Van Ru Credit Corporation. No idea why they're calling. Can anyone tell me that it's really them?

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8, Jun. 2017

Received a phone call from this weird number . I looked it up and I think its the collection agency called Van Ru Credit Corporation. No idea why they're bugging me. Can anyone tell me if its them?

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8, Jun. 2017

I never pick up when I see a number I don't know. Heck I barely answer when it's someone from my family calling! I googled up the number and I'm pretty certain it's bill collectors called Integrity Solution Services. Anyone else getting these?

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30, Apr. 2017

yet they still call!

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8, Feb. 2017

Continues to call, nobody on other end. Return call back and call is received but nobody on other end, then disconnects.

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16, Jan. 2017

They say they are not a sales call but they are.

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4, Aug. 2016

Typical in today's world unfortunately.

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27, Jul. 2016

I have tried to opt out several times, but still receive the calls.

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26, Jul. 2016

I keep pressing #2 to be removes.

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24, Jul. 2016

They fill up the voicemail advertising carpet cleaning.

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5, Jul. 2016

Sometimes call and hang up when I answer

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26, May. 2016

I texted the number back after they called the first time a week ago thinking it was just a wrong number and advised them not to call my phone.

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17, May. 2016

Mail: Consumer reports receiving numerous robo calls from Bank Card Services, EchoSystems and others which has increased since September 2013.

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20, Apr. 2016

When the number is googled, there are various sources saying it is registered to Comcast.

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31, Oct. 2015

I get called more than once a day quite often.

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4, Jun. 2015

I can be reached at (b)(6)

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28, May. 2015

Calls received at 3:20pm and 6:23pm on 12/2.

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12, May. 2015

Yeah, in addition to your $3000 in savings certificates.

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26, Mar. 2015

Call 6 times a day, each time I tell them the party they are looking for is not at this number and ask them to not call back.

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8, Aug. 2014

Recording offering free emergency medical alert devices for senior citizens

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7, Aug. 2014

Called Twice. Think it is a sales call Left no message

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25, Apr. 2014

These people have called TWICE A DA, EVERY DAY for the past FOUR MONTHS. Finally today I answered and said I was reporting them if they called again. The lady harassed and asked Why? She has my daughter\'s name and wanted her phone number concerning a \"private matter.\" When I refused to provide number--further harassment!! So sick of this!!!!

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27, Mar. 2014

This call has been reported multiple times on whocallsme.com and those that answered said they were hackers, trying to get all kinds of info from the person they are calling. They leave no messages and sometimes they don't say anything. I guess since this caller called my cell number it would be possible to hack my phone. Need to be more careful.

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29, Jun. 2013

They call all the time using different phone numbers and I can't tell them to stop calling because it is a recording.

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20, Apr. 2013

This was a cold call to my cell phone. I asked where they had obtained my phone number, they told me they were using an autodial system.

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18, Apr. 2013

This number calls me on a regular basis. I asked them to stop; however, they continue to call me. I have spoken to my friends and family who also say they receive the same unsolicited calls from that number even though they are also on the DNC Registry.

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24, Nov. 2012

These people want us to order from them. We have spoke with them and said no and to quit calling us. They won't stop calling and have been calling over the last weeks. It was probably 3 weeks ago when we spoke to them and told them no.