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14, Feb. 2018

They assured me they would but they told me that in the past before and still years later getting calls from 804-977-0950 asking for b(6).

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17, Jan. 2018

Claims to be from the warranty department regarding my car

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6, Dec. 2017

Stating they're from IRS and are filing lawsuit against me via automatation on my voice mail. I believe this is fraud.

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16, Aug. 2016

Respectfully, (b)(6)

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3, Aug. 2016

Claims to be IRS and is total BS...Block this number..the .IRS doesn't call you with threats about investigations on you..they would send and Agent or Registered letter..

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2, Aug. 2016

I won a cruse that I never entered for.

Frank L.
is reporting
12, Jun. 2013

They call 5-6 times a day and never leave a message. PESTS!