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3, Apr. 2018

Scammer, hard sell, claimed we were not on the donnotcall list, creepy

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12, Oct. 2014


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20, Sep. 2014

stay at home business was the theme

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9, Jul. 2014

This was actually a text message to my cell phone. I am not interested whatsoever to do business and have not asked for any information from anyone!!!

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23, Dec. 2013

Posting Information On Possible Offender: These details are being posted from pubicly gathered data. The problem is so elusive and difficult to solve that law enforcement apparently has been unable (or unwilling) to address this issue. It is my hope that this information will help or inspire others to collect more information in an effort to shutdown this illegal business. The data below was gathered when a user posted a phone number (1-800-892-9533) they were given to call them back.I called this number and spoke with an agent and it has been the same agency who has been calling repeatedly over the course of many months. This phone number led to the following information being discovered. Pitch: Credit Card Reduction Company: Credit Card Services (many names are used) Scam Websites Assoicated with the Phone-Number: [These sites give the same pitch given ove the phone] [Website Owership Info] Owner: Kimberly M Coarse Home Address: 14508 Michener Trl Orlando FL 32828 (Goggle-Maps has the house blured out) Email: Phone: 407-430-9184 Possible Age: 29 [Other Registered Domains] EFFICIENTENERGYBOX.COM THEGREENPOWERGROUP.US Additional Addresses Coarse Kimberly M - 14421 Paradise Tree Dr Orlando, FL 32828 [Shell Companies] Green Power Group LLC Assoicated Individual: Coarse Kimberly M Website: 728 W. ave #188 Cocoa FL 32927 USA (Google-Maps Indicates Mobile Home) 888-580-7979 (busy signal) Premier Services Plus LLC Assoicated Individual: Coarse Kimberly M 2472 LAKE UNDERHILL ROAD SUITE 127 ORLANDO (Google-Maps Indicates UPS Post-Office) Auto Guardian Usa, LLC Assoicated Individual: Coarse Kimberly M Orlando, Florida -- 14508 Michener Trl Orlando, Florida 32828-6460 Financial Savings Solutions Assoicated Individual: Coarse Kimberly M web: Phone: 800-892-9533 (Working 12/19/2013) Email: Premier Marketing Assoicated Individual: Coarse Kimberly M Web: Phone: 800-607-1985 (Working 12/19/2013 ) Email: Company Summary: Kimberly's infromation appears scattered across these different organizations. In some instances they appear compeletely seperated with difficulty in determinig a connection. However, there are connections that tie all these organizations to the same individual. The single unifying one is that all the websites are tied to the same IP address (, hosting company (Endurance International Group), DNS provider, and the always helpful WHOIS data. This in combination of addresses and company names allows for identification to be tied to Kimberly. The Green Power Group LLC seems to be a failed attempt to resell some power products. The website is incomplete, possibly it was a proof of concept or an attempt to resell products (or simply a front). The site indicates no company or identifyable data but does post some patent numbers (US PROVISIONAL SERIAL NUMBER 61/196,036, US REGULAR SERIAL NUMBER 12/579,030 , INTERNATIONAL PCT SERIAL PCT/US2009/060666) which point to an individual Jerry B Johnson. This person may have had business contacts with Kimberly Coarse. There is another 'reseller' in FL that appears to be selling his products as well. Conserving Energy Now, LLC. Jacksonville, FL 32225 904-386-0294 Green Power Group LLC, is the organization that Kimberly Identifies with on all the above websites with public data. This could be the focal point of any financial transactions that are taken place . Things like webhosting need to be paid for and would likely be done through a company transaction. Many providers require such infromation, ironicly enough for fraud reasons. There are some lesser kown information about the Premier Services Plus LLC. The fact it is linked to a UPS postal box makes it a likely canidate for where checks would be mailed. The location is about 15min from the home address. A wise move to dissaocciate the home address from the business address.Which brings up the curious question as to why the home address is blurred out in google, when none of the other homes are. The property isn't in a private neighborhood and seems rather odd for this one home to be targeted. The blurring isn't even that effective, if anything it brings more attention to it. Final Note: With millons of dollars at stake it is possible that this individal doesn't exist. A fabrcation allowing people to chase. However, there is a paper trail here that can be followed and some things verified. The house address likley has public infromation on ownership that could be confirmed. (I couldn't find it but those in her local area may know how to). Some money could be spent to run a background check. The companies providing hosting for these services can provide logs and financial records (should law enforcement get involved). [Phone Numbers] - This organization spoofs (fakes) the numbers they really use. Making calling them back impossible. Also makes tracking them difficult as well. 860-822-7440 731-498-4058 517-705-1117 302-234-8558 281-825-4439 765-998-4712 416-364-1111 631-665-8769 503-543-5471 731-203-5870

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20, Jan. 2013

these idiots refuse to leave me alone and keep changing there phone number each time they call but it's the same outfit EVERY TIME. I think they must generate a phony phone # for the caller ID, I sure wish they would leave me alone as you seem unable or unwilling to do anything about it.