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26, Sep. 2018

After 30 seconds they disconnect.

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29, Sep. 2016

I have contacted the police and filed a report for telephone misuse and contacted my phone carrier to report abusive calls.

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20, Aug. 2016

The following voice mail was left on my cell phone. Attending your serious attention. Ignoring this will be an intentional second attempt to avoid initial appearance before magistrate judge or a grand jury for a federal criminal offense. Now this is the final attempt to reach you to know your case number and to speak to a Federal Agent. Call back on 631-292-4099 I have no idea if i should call or if it's a scam.

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2, Sep. 2015

Not stated in recorded message.

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8, May. 2015

Today I pressed 1 and spoke to steve and requested him to remove my name from calling list.