Area Code 626

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Area code: 626
State: California
Country: USA
7, Dec. 2018

Loves to spam call and text someone in my family even though my family member is already in a relationship. She’s married too and has a child, but that doesn’t stop her from trying to contact him or his friends. We already told her countless times to stop before. The owner of the phone number is Gilary Cotero Mendoza

6, Dec. 2018

I get the funniest sensation that a person keeps following me. The moment I get into the vehicle the mobile calls come in. I really don’t like to respond to these mobile calls. I always try to look around at my surroundings but there is not a soul around. How can I tell these calls to anybody as it only happens to me the moment I get into the vehicle Already my Father thinks I am being crazy. I am in two minds to track the creature somehow and run hi down.

5, Dec. 2018

Is Continental Finance allowed to phkne my sepl phone? I only use my cell phone for important calls. I can't seem to get removed from their call list.

4, Dec. 2018

My hobby is attending to my garden and I love to look at the greenery in the hedges. The area I reside is rather reezy and the call reception is not at all good. Now my hobby is not gardening but asking them to stop the telephone calls and I am rather unhappy as my green house is almost ignored without proper clearing. They are simply coming from a business who is trying to introduce Robo calls and all this tie when I think of the care I have taken and the time wasted I feel myself getting angry.

4, Dec. 2018

My wife says that Constar Financial Services telephoned me Monday. I sent it to voicemail gecause I was late Has somebody else recived the same call from @ ?

4, Dec. 2018

Called from SSL Renewals to sell renewal from a different company, not my web host.

Suspicious, and he gave a false recommendation.

1, Dec. 2018

Bought my quad through them, everything went smooth. I recommend!

30, Nov. 2018

Has called repeatedly.

29, Nov. 2018

Very frustrated that it continues to harass my home, wake my infant child up, and frustrate my family.

27, Nov. 2018

They wanted to go over our electric bill and find savings.

27, Nov. 2018

I get the weirdest inclination that a persan keeps watching me. The second I get into the van the calls come in. I really don’t like to answer these calls. I always look around at my surroundings but there seems to be no one around. How can I explain these calls to anybody as it only happens to me the moment I get into the vehicle I am wondering to myself whether this is really happening to me? I am in two minds to track the guy somehow and run him down.

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