Area Code 623

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Area code: 623
State: Arizona
Country: USA
19, Feb. 2019

Hello, Thanks for getting back at me and i must apologize for not getting back to you in timely manner. I am happy to read back from you and i just want to talk to you concerning your consultant distributor on AdvoCare. I was going through AdvoCare and find some amazing products i will love to order for my Daughter to keep her in shape for her Wedding. I would like to deal with you in purchasing this item. I am willing to buy this items from you directly. Here is the list of products i want to purchase and would like you to get back to me with the total amount of the Below order; 2 AdvoGreens™ Meal Replacement Shake {Salted Caramel} $44.95 2 MNS® 3 Multinutrient Dietary Supplement $43.95 2 Spark® Canister Vitamin and Amino Acid Supplement {Fruit Punch} $54.99 2 AdvoCare Slim® Vitamin, Mineral & Herbal Supplement {Mixed Berry} $32.95 2 ProBiotic RESTORE™ ULTRA Dietary Probiotic Supplement $33.95 2 SleepWorks® Vitamin and Herbal Supplement $35.95 2 AdvoBar® Gingerbread - AdvoCare Foundation Nutrition Bar $39.95 Complete AdvoCare Glow™ System All 3 AdvoCare Glow™ Products $123.00 I will like to send the payment to you upfront even before you commence with the order via money order or a certified check. I am totally new to this but i was told i could order through a Consultant. Kindly email me back with the total amount,your FULL NAME and MAILING ADDRESS where your payment could be issued and mailed to in a timely manner and your phone number might be needed. Below is my daughter's name whom i want the products for.Regards the payment,as soon as i have the total amount and your mailing address i will have my financial clerk mail out the payment to you and i will get back to you soon. Her name is Laura Mcleland. Thanks and best Regard. Have a wonderful day. Rachel Mcleland.

19, Feb. 2019

Yes- a nut job!! He is stalking R.E. Agents

15, Feb. 2019

These people call me 3 to 5 times a day, I answer they hang up, or I answer and ask who are you and why are you calling me numerous times a day and never leave a message. They call and wait for my voicemail and everytime it's a 7 second recording. I've asked them politely to stop calling and asked rudely to stop calling. And yet they keep calling.

11, Feb. 2019

I got the same call at my work place. She left a voicemail saying she was from SAP with an ext 92487. I called back and they answered as if they were SAP. I hung up when she put me on hold.

5, Feb. 2019

Telemarketing car warranty scam

1, Feb. 2019

Hi, we're calling about your rental property. No yer not. Click.

28, Jan. 2019

Wanted to send me a topical cream approved by my health insurance. I told him I'm not in pain and hung up

26, Jan. 2019

Who I call back I get a message saying; this number is not in service

Stensrud SCAM ALERT !
23, Dec. 2018

Fake Private Investigator Scam. Craig's List Scam. aka: John Stensrud, John Moore, Johnny Morris Moore

12, Dec. 2018

This is a low life "c" politician out of Arizona abusing her power and calling people around the country pushing her worthless views on everyone. Make sure to vote this one out of office next election.

6, Dec. 2018

This phone number won't quit phoning. "Mike" leaves a message telling me to call immediately. He states that he's calling about some debt or something like that. The voicemail says to phone back immediately. They call day after day. What is the answer?

6, Dec. 2018

Have been getting tons of phone calls from this damn telephone number. Phoned and couldn't get an answer. Continue getting hang ups. Can anyone tell me how to make it stop ?

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