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27, Oct. 2017

I answer calls for several attorneys, and "Ann Martin" at 623-974-3444 calls each attorney, one right after the other, several times a week. This has been going on for over a year. The caller sounds like an older man who never identifies himself and is very curt. Today, he identified himself as "Bill Fornichari." When I asked him to spell his last name, he said "F-O-R-N" then hesitated, then "I", more hesitation, then he hung up. As others have said, I could find no information online regarding "Ann Martin" or "Marc Dante Associates."

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7, Nov. 2014

I've asked these scam artists to take me off their call list at least three times.

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31, Jan. 2014

We first received a call from a blocked number that sounded like it was from overseas. I pretended to not be able to hear him well. That call came in from the identified number shown on the report. The caller immediately hung up when pressed for information about the company.

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19, Sep. 2013

This number was associated with another person. And they keep calling and harrassing. Told them they had the wrong number. Just wont listen.