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  • Regional statistics: Phoenix, Arizona has a population of 1428509 that is in a county of 1132886 units. The city is in a county that is 9204 square miles. 623-298 is available through the regional telephone switch # TEMPAZNR1MD in the Phoenix area.
  • Other cities located around Phoenix: Surprise (623-214) Chandler (623-322) Buckeye (623-327)
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12, Aug. 2018

Should have an option of no since they do not leave a message.

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17, Apr. 2018

This company ASSUMED that I wanted to purchase its product and to push a number to complete a sale.there is no such sale!

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14, Dec. 2017

I masturbated furiously to the sound of her voice.She asked me "Did you finish?" and hung up 👅 I hope she calls again.

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3, Feb. 2015

I have asked this company to stop calling over 30 times, and still receive multiple calls daily.