Area Code 619

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Area code: 619
State: California
Country: USA
19, Feb. 2019

no message was left

18, Feb. 2019

I received an email from Brittany Jack, and I too, do NOT have a public Indeed account and I'm not sure where this email came from. Plus, I can't find the company. But here is the email I received from them: San Diego CA Inc. San Diego, CA Hello (My name), After reviewing your resume, we believe that you may be a good fit here at San Diego CA Inc. We will be hosting interviews on Tuesday 02/19/2019. Please give us a call at 619-363-2734 as we still have a few things to discuss before scheduling an interview time. We look forward to hearing back from you! Sincerely, Brittney Jack Executive Assistant 619-363-2734 "

15, Feb. 2019

Called about an account I had no idea I owed money on, over 10 years old. But I was able to verify I did owe it. They were polite, but do call them back or they will call your work.

8, Feb. 2019

Texted to a business text number a scripture verse. Weirdsville.

31, Jan. 2019

A fax machine is continually calling my office line from this number.

31, Jan. 2019

Keeps calling. Doesn't leave voicemail. Returned call and said it was solar research group. But stuttered, asked my name then said the "company's" name.

31, Jan. 2019

Called at night and woke me up. Foreign accent can't understand. I was pissed yelled at him to remove from list and hung up then blocked the number

22, Jan. 2019

Unknown name, but begins HER intro in Spanish. At 7 AM, "Buenos días," the woman says, followed by my name. You know instantly it's all BS so I say, "Adiós," and hang up and block # right away.

17, Jan. 2019

Called me three times this morning, first call call was st 6:41 am, 7:49 am then 8:36 am, they left no message they are scammers.

9, Jan. 2019

sold some phones to him, legit business, he just buys a ton of phones

9, Jan. 2019

attempted to run off with my iphone., Russioan mob guy that tries to steal your iphone or macbook i would be careful also number 619-255-94-20 fraud fraud fraud!!! fraud fraud fraud!!! fraud fraud fraud!!!v fraud fraud fraud!!! fraud fraud fraud!!!vv fraud fraud fraud!!! fraud fraud fraud!!! fraud fraud fraud!!! fraud fraud fraud!!! fraud fraud fraud!!! fraud fraud fraud!!!v fraud fraud fraud!!!

3, Jan. 2019

Left no message

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