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5, Dec. 2019

This must be stopped!

Hate Scammers
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3, Dec. 2019

THIS IS A SCAM!!! Another low life scum bag piece of human crap scammers. Criminals trying to steal your information and money. THIS IS A SCAM!!!

Colin Parker
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20, Aug. 2018

Spam callers about credit cards. Pressing 3 doesn't remove your number like it says it will. Uses various other numbers as well and up to 5 calls a day. Very annoying.

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12, Apr. 2018

total scam. Block!!

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5, Apr. 2018

How do you STOP this # from calling me??? no one answers. I blocked them, and the next day called me from a different # 619-563-4551 & 619-563-4431.

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28, Apr. 2016

you have won a free cruise.