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1, Mar. 2018

App identified this number as "Likely Scammer."

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10, Nov. 2017

They send be the VM without event calling me (yeah, this is possible). This was about my electric bill. I have never provided my number for any service so this is definitely a SCAM!

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1, Apr. 2016

When I call to ask them to stop number is disconnected.

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19, Feb. 2016

Calls in several times in a row after being told that we are not interested. Very biligerant individual. WE ARE ON THE DO NOT CALL LIST!

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14, Dec. 2015

They wanted me to get on my computer so they could help get rid of any bugs or unwanted software.

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12, Aug. 2015

Anna from open care has been calling my office to update my office info. Never have I registered for Open Care.

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30, Jan. 2015

I asked him what his name was and he said Bill, I asked, Bill What and he hung up.

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31, Jul. 2014

This is twice they've called me today... I thought I was on the Do Not Call List?

Head Up
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4, May. 2013

Scam claiming to be from NSTAR. They send you to CVS to buy an specific scratch ticket. Once you buy it, you have to give them the ticket number for them to be able to process your NSTAR payment